New solo album out now!!!

This is the day I have been waiting for soooo long. Finally my second solo album «Hugnad» is released!

My first album came out in 2009 and consisted of traditional fiddle and hardanger fiddle tunes from Røros and Hallingdal. On Hugnad you will find my own compositions. Hope you like it!

From the album cover:
«On this album you will find a selection of my compositions. Some have been around for many years while others have been composed for this album.

Many of them you will find on albums I have recorded with Sver, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, Rydvall/Mjelva and Mjelva/West. We have done some really fun things with the compositions and it is always natural that the music evolves from when the melodies first come to life in my head with my fiddle. 

It is a result of that, that I have always had the urge to record them in a solo setting to come back to their original form.»

Recorded and mixed in Klangsmia Studio by Olav L. Mjelva og Bent Jacobsen. 

Master: Gordon Gunn

Label: Klangsmia Records

Olav L. Mjelva – fiddle and hardanger fiddle

Ronny Kjøsen – accordion

Jonas Østbyhaug – double bass

Adam Johansson – guitar

Copyright: Olav L. Mjelva