Mjelva/West – Hand to play (2019) CD


Mjelva/West is a duo consisting of Norwegian fiddler Olav Luksengård Mjelva and American singer/guitarist Eli West.


Released in March 2019!


Product Description

Mjelva/West is a collaboration between Norwegian fiddler Olav Mjelva and American guitarist/singer Eli West. Each takes equal interest in the other’s traditions, while leaving room for another newer tradition: the new sounds of collaboration.

Olav writes tunes without need for excess. Each note has a clarity and purpose, withholding the desire to overstate. Eli writes songs that are the lyrical equivalent. «Both are out to prove nothing but the worth of a single note, delivered with a grounding in craft» as a critic recently wrote.

Released in March 2019!

Copyright: Olav L. Mjelva