The Nordic Fiddlers video workshops

Hi folks! We are doing online video workshops!
Originally, we were going to have a workshop in Seattle as a part of our US tour, but instead we have recorded 2 tunes each, and everyone interested can now get access to these video lessons!

It works like this:
Pay by PayPal to to and we´ll send you the link to the playlist you have paid for.
Important: Include who you want lessons from; Kevin, Olav, Anders, two of the fiddlers or all three.
You have access to the videos for as long as you want.

Videos from 1 instructor $25 / 23 Euro / 20 GBP
Videos from 2 instructors $35 / 32 Euro / 28 GBP
Videos from all three instructors $45 / 41 Euro / 36 GBP

Members of either the Skandia Folkdance Society, Seattle Folklore Society or the Northwest Scottish Fiddlers get a 5$ discount!

Olav teaches (regular fiddle):
– Loftsleken, pols (version from Tamneset)
– Jehannes Jonsa-leken, pols.

Kevin teaches:
– a beautiful traditional air from the playing of John Stickle from Unst in Shetland.
– Traditional Shetland Reel

Anders teaches:
– Polska after George Baldini.
– Gustav i Backa, polka from Jämtland.

All lessons are 20-30 minutes long and will in addition to the tune include details like bowings, ornaments, rhythm etc to get more knowledge about the specific styles.

Copyright: Olav L. Mjelva