Lord of the Rings soundtrack!

Quite proud to be playing hardanger fiddle in the soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings – the Rings of

2. september 2022
New solo album out now!!!

This is the day I have been waiting for soooo long. Finally my second solo album «Hugnad» is released! My

24. februar 2022
The Nordic Fiddlers video workshops

Hi folks! We are doing online video workshops! Originally, we were going to have a workshop in Seattle as a

11. april 2020
New album with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra!

Very excited to be a part of this project! All the music is based on my traditional fiddle music from

2. desember 2019
New album from Mjelva/West

Mjelva/West is a collaboration between Norwegian fiddler Olav Mjelva and American guitarist/singer Eli West. Each takes equal interest in the

11. mars 2019
New album from Rydvall/Mjelva

Our third album with Rydvall/Mjelva is here! Read more at www.rydvallmjelva.com From the foreword: We met for the first time

17. februar 2019
Photo: Aron Mattsson
Røros Kommunes Kulturpris 2018

Stolt mottaker av Røros Kommunes Kulturpris 2018! Tusen takk! Les saken her

8. desember 2018
New album from SVER!

We´re happy to announce the release of SVER´s fourth album; «Reverie»! 2018 has been a great year for SVER, celebrating

3. desember 2018
New music video

We´re proud to present a new music video with Rydvall/Mjelva. The tune is «Polska after Dahlfors». View it under «Videos».

11. mars 2017
New album out now! Folk baroque from the Røros Area

We´re so excited to finally release this album called «Musicus – folk baroque from the Røros area». John Ole Morken

21. februar 2016
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